Maxwell Telecare prevents 75%-80% of re-hospitalizations by having two doctors permanently assigned to a nursing facility, along with an onsite staffer.


There are on-demand physician consults 24/7, and specialty consults scheduled during the day, but no waiting for days, weeks or months.


Doctors know the patients’ care histories, and conduct actual patient evaluation visits - they don't simply give out generic phone advice. 

of patients managed

on-site; no transfer


No clinical problem;

no treatment needed


Diagnosed and treated on site


of patients transferred to hospital; direct MD-to-MD communication


Includes a full assessment of patient conditions and symptoms

By preventing patients from returning to hospital,

Maxwell Telecare provides nursing homes with a


annual return on investment.

Benefits for seniors and families
  • Better quality care​

  • Less disruption and more stability by getting care in place

  • Less exposure to health risks (pandemic or not)

  • No disruption of existing physician relationships

Benefits for senior care facilities

  • Eliminate unnecessary hospital transfers

  • Higher patient and family satisfaction scores

  • Reduced costs

  • Higher revenue

  • Increased referrals

Benefits for physicians

  • Increased patient services and new revenue stream through white-labeled clinical services, in sync with physicians' work schedules

  • Improved quality of care through 24/7 coverage

  • Better scores on quality metrics through decreased patient ER visits and hospitalizations