On-demand telemedicine for post-acute care

Doctors, we're on your side.

We provide only remote services, without infringing on any existing doctor-patient relationships. To that end, we communicate regularly with patients’ physicians to apprise them of any patient care we have delivered.

With Maxwell Telecare:

Seniors receive better quality care

Facilities improve revenue, reputation and referrals

Physicians add services and revenue without adding hours or spend

What We Provide

  • Instant primary care around the clock from a vetted, dedicated physician, who can assess, diagnose and recommend treatment, and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations


  • Same-day access to all specialists, including medical, dental, mental health and wound care, saving on costs of transport and avoiding unnecessary exposure to disease


  • Remote physiological monitoring for chronic care management 


  • Ongoing preventive care through educational webinars for facility clinical staff, as well as regular availability of our clinical staff for teaching

What We Solve

Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and home care agencies are not equipped to evaluate and treat acute changes in condition, leading to unnecessary transfers of patients to hospital and loss of revenue. Many physicians are unable to adequately cover or manage demands during off hours. Chronic care management of patients in nursing homes is compromised by lack of means of taking vitals and communicating results where and when they are needed.

Want to know more?

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Maxwell helps evaluate symptomatic patients for COVID-19.